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Refrigeration Project Completed at ACA Distributor's New Warehouse
(as published in the Personal Milestones Newsletter from Day&Nite/All Service)

The following pictures show some of the work involved at ACA Distributor's new warehouse at Hunts Point in the Bronx. The project was completed last month.

1. Installation of the huge 20' high ceiling and wall panels.
2-3. Pallet racks were installed both inside and outside the boxes.

4. Installation of a 8' x 10' electric sliding door.
5. The "ice bin" consists of a 6' x 14' x 7' Bally walk-in box
with 2 Howe 4000 lb/day ice flakers.

One of our customers, ACA Distributors, is in the process of relocating their operations to Hunts Point in the Bronx. They called upon us to deliver and install their new walk-in boxes.

This job consisted of delivering and installing a 2-compartment cooler/freezer with USDA approved white continuous line panels measuring approximately 45'-7" x 42'-10" x 20'-5". The box was installed in a 10" depression with frost heave protection. First, a 6 mil vapor barrier was laid down then electrical conduit was run throughout the floor area for the electric heat, then 2" of sand installed, 4" of insulation and finally 4" of concrete. The boxes have two 8' x 10' electric sliding doors. The -20 degree freezer has two 7.5 condensing units and the +33 degree cooler has one 7.5 hp, both rooftop mounted outside.

We also installed pallet racking so that when complete, ACA will be able to store 134 pallets of product in the combo box. As part of the project we also installed an "ice bin", which consists of a 5'x10' x 13'x6" x 7'-2" Bally box installed on an 8" concrete curb. Mounted on top of the box are two 4,000 lb/day Howe ice flakers with two 6hp rooftop condensing units. In order to strengthen the box due to the tremendous force of the ice, all inside walls were lined with Diamond Plate, and all walls anchored to the concrete curb with stainless steel angle. Stainless steel chutes were also constructed in order to speed up the delivery of ice in certain instances.

LFG did the rooftop steel and rigging and Frank Pugliese did all electrical work.