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A.C.A. is a drop-off/pick-up point located conveniently in the heart of New York City.
Easy to get to and from.

  Drop off your shipment, we will forward it to its destination.
  Pick up your product, kept refrigerated or frozen until you arrive, shrink wrapped and ready to go.

A.C.A. provides shuttle service to the Fulton Fish Market.

A.C.A. transships daily to Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

A.C.A. receives and forwards freight with Canada and has daily service to and from all area airports.

A.C.A. facilitates returns and re-consignment requests.

HAACP trained personnel on premises.

A.C.A.’s staff is available, competent and service oriented!

A.C.A. has been
freight forwarding
for the
seafood industry
since 1972.


Don't wait, go direct,
call us at

Digital Tracking

A.C.A. keeps a visual
record of your product from moment of arrival to moment of departure.
We archive this information and make it readily available for review.

A.C.A. can make it happen for you.



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First 24 hrs. of storage are free! Re-icing is available!

A.C.A. will hold and keep your product refrigerated or frozen until you arrange for pick up or delivery by truck of your choice or A.C.A.’s refrigerated trucks.

We moved
(click here for more info).

A.C.A. is now located at 324 Bryant Avenue, Hunts Point, Bronx, NY 10474, only blocks away from the new Fulton Market.

Directions to our new location:

We welcome your inquires. Please call us at

email us at Aforaca321@aol.com